Artist CV Tine Weppler In english

Born in 1958 in Copenhagen


 In my paintings I use various colors for the simple reason that the world is basically a colorful place – even in our darkest hours. Using the whole palette gives me access to all most every inner feeling and allows me to reflect my deep belief that colors can in fact broaden our understanding of complex matters if we are open for new impulses and even views contrary to our own.

Painting is a process through which my curiosity takes control – every painting is in effect an experiment – thus the artist is merely a bystander waiting patiently for the outcome to be revealed.


I am always completely absorbed in the production of every single painting – on a lucky day feeling the true flow of creativity and freedom of the mind. 

I use dynamic brush strokes and often choose powerful colors combining acrylic colors with collage using my fingers, sponges, spatula, brushes and certain printing techniques to get the right texture and depths in my works.


My paintings are expressionist and take an ambiguity and sometime an abstract form. With using this, I want the viewer to make their own interpretation, their own atmosphere and maybe find hidden motives or symbols.

Most of my paintings are inspired by experiences from my everyday life from nature and social living with other people.By using many different techniques and skills that I have acquired through education and autodidactic experience as well as inspiration from other artists or art forms.


The first years of my career I worked with portraits in both watercolor and collages. Back in 1981 I had an exhibition of self-portraits. Later I made collages of pieces of fabric where I used the stitches to form shadows and lines. Then I became fascinated with masks and how we can use the to show other side of ourselves or hidden something away and not show who we are. Therefore, I travel to Asia and Mexico, where I studied various cultures' masks and also collected masks from all over the world. I have a period making mask and costume to carnival. In 2009 I went back to making portraits, which I do making collage using pieces from old magazines. I tore out colorful pieces and put them together so they formed new faces. Today, I still paint portraits of people I find to be expressive.


People in motion

I like being in motion – and enjoy dancing, skiing and cycling.
This enthusiasm has also inspired  my paintings. To study the movements and the shapes of our body's I start to painting croquis or to go at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek to draw marble statues from ancient Greece.


Today I still paint people cycling, dancing and skiing. All three sports I still participate in with great joy.


Rhinos and other magic animals



I started painting rhinos in 2010 fascinated by the shapes of this powerful and at the same time fragile animal – sadly on the brink of extinction. The rhino-paintings are probably what I am best known for. In all my paintings, though, I leave plenty of space for the viewer to explore and imagine.

As you can see here, I also paint other animals - both from real life and from the magic world.

Abstract paintings tell something about you

Today I mostly made abstract paintings, because it gives the viewer the opportunity to use their own imagination to create an opinion of what it represents - and what you see in the painting tells something about you self.


I let moods, shapes and colors be the central element in my paintings. Often, I leave small illusions to possible interpretations - thus giving the viewer the opportunity to use their own imagination to create an opinion of what it represents.

Travel experiences from all over the world

I like to travel and experience new adventures all over the world. My newest paintings are from the Reunion volcanic island, where I was inspired by lavas, volcanoes, mountains and the unique cedar trees. Another theme is the living city or town that never sleeps. Rome, New York, Bangkok all have their own life and atmosphere.


When you looked at the paintings you can maybe feel the intensity and diversity of the city. I think that this can help to make us think about our daily lives - and provides opportunities to meet and create contact with other people. People who are unfamiliar to us and give us new insight in our life.

Private life

I like dancing, skiing and bicycling. I read a lot of books, and I love to see TED-talks. I am married and my husband and I have two children aged 29 and 26.

Education, workshop and membership

  • 2016 - today: Youtube channel about art
  • 2016 - today: Member of Kunstrunden North Zealand
  • 2015: Book about creativity for parents with children aged 0-3.
  • 2014: Master in psychology
  • 2014: Workshop in painting for Gyldendal, Copenhagen
  • 1991 - 1992: Teaching in art and art comprehension at Borup High School, Copenhagen
  • 1986: Membership of a shop for creativity in the middle of Copenhagen
  • 1985: Poster of the Year to the Carnival, Copenhagen
  • 1984: Course in Collage Sewing, Herning Summer Art
  • 1982: Education from Holbæk Art school
  • 1979: Bachelor in Danish and fine art, Emdrup State Seminarium.


Upcoming and exhibitions since 2014


  • April, Art Nordic 2019- Scandinavia's largest art fair. Locomotive Workshop, Copenhagen, Joint Exhibition
  • May. The censored spring exhibition 2019. joint Exhibition
  • August. "Colorful life", Gallery Weppler, Ansgars Alle 9, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition



  • January to August 2018. Art decoration in the company CPH-business, Copenhagen, Joint Exhibition
  • April 20th-22th "Art Nordic 2018 - Scandinavia's largest art fair”. Locomotive Workshop, Copenhagen, Joint Exhibition. Publication in Russian magazine
  • May 17th - June 2th, 2018. The censored spring exhibition 2018. The Art House Annaborg, Hillerød. Joint Exhibition
  • May. Open Studio doors, Kunstrunden North Zealand, Niels Brynildsvej 8, Solo exhibition
  • June 29th – July 25th MarziartInternationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany. Group exhibition
  • November, "Abstract painting", Gallery Weppler, Ansgars Alle 9, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition
  • Fall. Galleria Gaudi, Madrid, ​​Spain. Group exhibition



  • February to March 2017, "Bycykling", Gallery Weppler, Ansgars Alle 9, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition
  • Mid April to mid May 2017. The censored spring exhibition 2017.Marienlyst Castle, Helsingør, Arts Association Kunstrunden North Zealand. Group exhibition, Publication in Fredensborg newspaper
  • November. "Passion for color", Women and art, Hillerød, North Zeatland, Joint exhibition
  • November to December 2017, "Portrait", Gallery Weppler, Ansgars Alle 9, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition



  • January. Art decoration in the company Gyldendal, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition
  • March to June 2015, "A brand new world", Gallery Weppler, Ansgars Alle 9, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition
  • Mid May to mid June 2017. "Want to be there", Galleri Pilestræde, Copenhagen.
    Joint exhibition with photographer Michael Jensen
  • August – “Summertime", Gallery Weppler, Niels Brynildsvej 8, North Zealand, solo exhibition



  • January to December. Art decoration in Gyldendal, Klosterstræde 21, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition
  • March to June 2015, "New York, New York", Gallery Weppler, Ansgars Alle 9, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition
  • November to December 2015, "Rhinos", Gallery Weppler, Ansgars Alle 9, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition



  • January to August. Art decoration in the company Consite, Brøndby, Copenhagen area, Solo exhibition.
  • March to June 2015, "Here I am", Gallery Weppler, Ansgars Alle 9, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition
  • January to December 2015. Art decoration in Gyldendal, Klosterstræde 21, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition